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Bangladesh Public Service Commission also known as BPSC is the authorized organization of Bangladesh government that takes all the initiative regarding the recruitment of civil servants so that they can perform their official duty to perform the regular operations of the nation. BPSC is actually the acting judicial body established in 1972 and serving as one of the most important organizations of Bangladesh regarding civil service works. Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) work areas include promotional activities, transfer, posting new candidates and also to hire the eligible personnel for certain department. A brief discussion on BPSC has been added in the later part of the news, with a view to providing you a clear cut idea regarding the organization.

Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) History

The organization started it fully fledged official work way back in 1926 during the British reign. After the end of British reign it was regarded as the East Pakistan Public Service Commission. Late after the liberation war of 1971, the organization started its task as a Bangladeshi from 1972 and since then it is responsible for taking public service exams and publishing the result within time limit declared earlier. The commission was formed after a provision made in President’s order in 1972 which is followed by another ordinance an d a few changes later. In December 22, 1977 the commission was ranked and addressed as the Bangladesh Public Service Commission.

Inside the body, BPSC has it free set rules to elect the Chairman and other key personnel to run the commission. For example, the chairman and members are generally nominated among the senior officers who have done government service for a long time and. According to the latest Warrant of Precedence of Bangladesh Government the Chairman of BPSC has the same status of a full secretary of the government.

BPSC stands for Bangladesh Public Service Commission. BPSC is actually the judicial body which is responsible for all sorts of civil service activities including recruiting government employees, arranging exams for the recruitment, monitoring and publishing the results of the exams and also to handle official issues like transferring and promoting. The commission started its journey way back in 1926 during the days of British rule. After lots of changes, a free and fully active commission was established in Bangladesh in 1972. Since then the BPSC has been the center place of all public service related activities as stated above.

Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) Work Areas

  • Scheduling time slots and planning for Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) Exam
  • Publishing the result of BCS Exam
  • Recruiting eligible candidates for government office work
  • Monitoring the transfer, posting and other important issues of government service
  • Monitoring government office work and further planning for the future

BPSC Major Work Areas and Notices

BPSC does lots of diverse work to maintain the regular work flow in government office. A few major works have been discussed below. We have also discussed about the notices provided by BPSC.

  • BPSC is responsible to generate BCS which means Bangladesh Civil Service exam notices
  • BPSC also provides notices for Non-Cadre, Departmental and Senior Scale Examinations
  • Exam results of this above mentioned categories are also provided by BPSC
  • Exam dates of first, second and third class employee recruitment will also be found in the notice board of BPSC
  • PSC also provide quotation notices in its notice board
  • Notices of meetings and other agendas of higher ranked government office can also be found here.
  • You will also get government job circular related notices from here
  • All final results, viva result and written test result of public service exams will be found in the notice board of BPSC
  • BPSC also provides needed forms which are used to submit any application. For example- Police Verification Form, BPSC form-2, form-3
  • Online registration for any public service exams can be done from BPSC website
  • Office orders passed by government are also displayed in BPSC notice board
  • The commission also provides tender notices

The website link of BPSC is You can visit this site for further more information. Beside this, we will also provide BPSC notices from now on as soon as any notice is published officially.  All in all, Bangladesh Public Service Commission is an organization that handles a bunch of important tasks which are must to run the administration perfectly. To know more about BPSC latest news and Bangladesh Public Service Commission notices, please visit our site as you will get all updates of BPSC here.


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